Third Visit To Portsmouth

Posted by Stuart Herbert on April 4th, 2007 in Shoot.

Gosport Submarine MuseumI haven’t quite finished this week’s article for my Merthyr Road set, so in the meantime I hope you enjoy the photos I’ve just uploaded from my latest visit to Portsmouth. I’ve already been twice to visit the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, thanks to a happy accident involving a trip to Brighton to collect our katanas, bad weather, and Moshi Moshi being closed every Monday. This time, I visited the Submarine Museum (home to HMS Alliance – go on the tour, it’s excellent), and took some shots from up the top of the Spinnaker Tower.

Portsmouth Naval DockyardI had my Sigma 80-400mm lens with me up the tower, and was able to get some good shots of HMS Warrior and HMS Victory with it. Whilst queueing for the elevator up the tower, my camera bag was searched by a very polite member of staff. It’s the only time I’ve had my bag searched in all my visits here. I find it amusing that it’s the civilian attraction (Spinnaker Tower) that’s worried about folks with bags and not the Navy base right alongside 🙂 Or maybe I just look scary at the moment? 🙂

Quite a few of the photos of HMS Victory that I took from my last visit in November are proving popular on Flickr, having been viewed over a hundred times. I’ve been noticing the total number of views of my photos steadily increasing, and have been wondering which photos were being viewed (it certainly isn’t my Merthyr Road set, alas). Well, now I know!

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