GPS Unleashed Has Arrived :)

Posted by Stuart Herbert on June 20th, 2008 in Equipment, News.

After recently breaking the cable that connects my Garmin eTrex to my Nikon D200, I decided it was time to go wireless. Nikon have no product of their own (why, ffs?), so I ordered a GPS Unleashed adapter from foolography of DP Review Forum fame.

And it arrived today 🙂 Full review to follow after sunny skies (well, okay, I’ll settle for it to stop raining) and some field testing …


The Eden Project has chosen to use two of my photos for their 2008/2009 Guide Book.

A Complicated Nut Cracker

The Nutcracker is a fantastic piece of art, and something everyone who creates software should take the time to go and study! The whole point of the Nutcracker is to open peoples’ eyes to just how unnecessarily and ridiculously overly-complicated we make things. You can find this contraption in The Core building, where it stands as the main draw in the room. Just don’t forget to take the time to check out everything else in the room too 🙂

Outside The Rainforest Biodome

This photo of the Rainforest Biodome has been chosen as the front cover photo for this year’s guide book. They’ve cropped the top down a bit, and made it look really fantastic. They were also kind enough to credit me at the back of the guide book. It’s a great testament to the quality that the Nikon D200 and Nikkor 18-135mm lens combo can produce.

I’m chuffed to bits over this 🙂

We’ll be heading back down to the Eden Project in the near future, where I’m looking forward to taking photos of some of the things we missed first time around. I might end up posting a shot of me standing beside the guide books too … 🙂

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Cardiff City Hall At Dawn

The most common advice given to new photographers is this: always have your camera with you. You never know when you’ll come across something worth taking a picture of. That was certainly the case in March 2007, when Kristi and I enjoyed this beautiful scene on the way to work.

This is Cardiff City Hall, opened in 1904. The tag-line for Cardiff is that it is Europe’s Youngest Capital City, but I wonder how many people realise just how modern its magnificent civic centre is?


The Gatso Is Your Friend

Like most drivers, I hate speed cameras. Too many of them, especially over in England, seem to be sited in places where they are most likely to generate revenue. This camera in Cathays, Cardiff, is one of the more sensibly located cameras. It’s placed outside a private nursery / school, on a road that has a major cycleway down the opposite side.

The car park on the opposite side has been built where the Glamorganshire Canal once ran, and the lane disappearing off into the distance is approximately the route that the canal used to follow up towards Gabalfa.


The Way Is Blocked

Last summer, I hiked up the Little Garth to take some shots of the remains of Walnut Junction Viaduct. It’s normally a very easy walk (provided the ground is dry!), but this time the rains had brought more than just mud down onto the path … just don’t tell the missus that I scrambled over this thing both on the way up and on the way down 🙂


The Leafy Road To Llantrisant

With the car in the garage for its M.OT., the quickest way on foot for me get to and from the garage is down Merthyr Road, through Treforest, and then up the A473 to Power Station Hill. It’s a fair walk, but it’s worth it for those times of the year when the leaves are green and this stretch of the A473 is empty.


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