269 Favourite Photos From Flickr

Posted by Stuart Herbert on September 1st, 2008 in Photos.

Photo-sharing sites like Flickr are an amazing resource for amateur photographers. Before the web, and before sites like Flickr, amateur photographers simply didn’t get to see all that much of other people’s work. That has been changed forever, and now the challenge is sorting through the absolute deluge of postings to find the photos that truly inspire, educate, and above all connect with us on some level.

Here are the 269 photos from my favourites list on Flickr, 269 photos taken by other people and that I enjoy for one reason or another. If you like these photos, please don’t just look at them. Let the people who took these photos know that you appreciate their work by leaving a comment on the photo’s Flickr page … or maybe even marking it as a favourite of your own.

HDR'd Union Station Arch by J. RosarioDripping  by Bisayan ladyRecession by L Plater .. away till end SeptFirework Anemones by fenlandsnapperand then, having no more tears to shed, she bowed her head by manyfiresTern Spreads its Wings Ultra-Wide in Flight by CandlestickParkCain's Ballroom Dancing by michaelcooperOn A Gerbera by AnnaBanana9Rose & Shadow by fotocall visionsNorth Sea Yoga by Jonmikel & Kat-YSNPJoss Stone by Roger H. SassakiBluebell by carterb51Tokyo International Airport by takau99Tombstones by Twm Sleepy hollow by Twm Doble K by Kamuro030420083009 by Phil The WebSurferBuilding Site by Paul HudsonThe Seed - detail by kai kaneBiodome by Tom (hmm a rosa tint) by sandal lightThe Core by Fanboy30Mini-eden by delibelliSeed @ Eden by EnnorGarbage Man.. by farmer giles 01Blue Worlds by adrians_artCore by TheLizardQueenEden in Infra Red. 2 of 2 by kazam mediaEden in Infra Red. 1 of 2 by kazam media by N ck by N ckeden_project_26_Aug_07 095 by Phil McMillanThe Eden project by zizi_gueganEden_Project_Roof by SnapKracklePopThe Eden Project Cornwall by tr33loSteps to Eden, Eden Project, Cornwall by cosygreeneyesModel of The Edge at The Eden Project by EnnorEden Project Roof's by niknkimn... ?Eden Project Wee Man by pbrian49Eden Project by SandmaniaIluminadas by GuslightGloucester Docks by Rebecca Overthrow 03 by soglos.comReflections by Hare GuizerNew Lan Drift - 1874 (arrowed) by thereggyCoat Hanger by L Plater .. away till end Septlonesome by galuppiEden Project Biomes by Mark HugoChesil Beach long boat by petervanallensundown by petervanallenlosing it by petervanallenLes Paul1 by polts23coldharbour morning by petervanallenThe Most Beautiful Part by B Taltunnel by Capt' Gorgeousthen & now by Capt' Gorgeousseagull by petervanallensailors delight by petervanallenBeach treasure by duncsp8to dream by MissyV110Haunted by Kaj BjurmanDuisburg by J rg DickmannThe Perilous Bridge ... by asmundurPontypridd Bridge by Capt' Gorgeousalone in a gray world by a  m  e  e  n e xEbb and Flow by idgAn exercise in light and shade by FanciThat by Emilia24Kuala Lumpur 2007 by lh tanGSeen on my dresser wall this morning by iluvcocacola by duncsp8Creepy Forest by idgBlack Rock Cottage ~ Glencoe by idgMoonlit night....my #46th Explore by The Scalpel Master20070929-20070929-IMG_0694.jpg by iliaain the house of the japanese maple by manyfiresYellow Train ~ Tay Rail Bridge ~ Dundee by idgSilver Silo Scene by idgcobweb droplets by Capt' Gorgeousold 'n' new by Capt' Gorgeousthe last one by Capt' GorgeousYou Know Its A Good Recipe by B TalBonnie Scottish Brig by idgWonky by polts23heavens and earth by Mario. S ( NO VIDEO )My Eden by ~jac~Ranish by rachel 79Stornoway welcomes the Harley bunch by The tamed shrewRowing by  l?e? v?crystal web necklace by The tamed shrewRoad from nowhere by WiesmierLuskentyre, Harris by West is Bestrock-berg by kzappasterchimneys by kzappasterCountry by Kevin MacleodStorm a brewing by mr_hiboyHDR Sheffield Train Station by sunblockHotRod_24 ortonB.jpg by Trey's DayzHarris by Hare GuizerTruiseil Monolith by Hare GuizerMysterious Intent by idgsunlit path by Capt' GorgeousThistle Ballerina by dogfrogReflection by walking alongCallanish central circle by Hare GuizerMaritime Museum #3 by Capt' Gorgeous by da wooodIn a Beautiful Place in the Country by The Flipgraffiti montreuil2 by Aur  (Away in dreamscapes)visions of a photographer by manyfiresVirgin Gorda by fuzzy10Policeman & Girl, Banksy? - Glastonbury by bath.memeJunction Canal and TVR Viaduct by jbsees60

Junction Canal to West by jbsees60single handed by gavfacelaptop graffiti 2 by gavfaceDartmoor Pumping House #3 by westcountryseanWaverley by welshladyTowering Light by Chris KWMBirch by lornetExtravagANT by plecojanSeville: Alcazar/ 2002-(updated 2008) by !architect4!can you hear me now by _barb_A little "light" reading by LIP_Photography (Karen Ackles)* 997 by dezs Deer Lake by Peter BrakeSmall Red Flower by Elizabeth WoldAchluophobia by e|[d]|ge.We Belong Behind These Bars by terrible_imagesSupermarket in the air. by suoTake me to your leader by PixelBoyGold Moon by deanna515Scottish Forest by idgOrbs of Water by CaZ*A Fine Fine Day by idgFishing in the canal by Capt' GorgeousCastle By Streetlight by dogfrogSt Margaret's church, Stanford Rivers, Essex by Whipper_snapperPhotoshop Play by PixeldaSimple Scottish Scene by idgNew Eyes by B TalSoutherndown by dadoallenDSC00171 by Dan BettlesIMG_20070507_3582-1-2 by bath.memeblaenafon by Capt' GorgeousBrick Works (4) by Scott-5x5iridescent by Capt' GorgeousTredegar House by PhotoShoot2006Bristlecone Pine Forest by walking alongtower #1 by Capt' GorgeousPortsmouth #6 by AsGiP1010004 - Glamorganshire Canal (Abercynon) by thereggyEilean Donan by bruiach12006-08-01 11.00.10 by Key of LifeFuniculaire da Bica by Alain Bachellierhasselblad... look by azemWindy Desert by papa'rocketDream of the Old Days by souk1501Monasterio de Poblet by Warper4Twa Tractors by : HimUpNorth :P1010153 - Glamorganshire Canal - Abercynon by thereggyP1010152 - Glamorganshire Canal by thereggyRelics by walking alongFreshly Tilled by idgGlamorganshire Canal by thereggyGlamorganshire Canal by thereggyTotal Lunar Eclipse March 3rd 2007 by polts23Taff's Well. by Fray BentosTulips      Explored# by CaZ*Yellow trumpets by FanciThatFurnace Arch by huw1000Blast Furnaces by huw1000Sailing Away by redmannPalau Nacional by cuellarVive la mort................. by LaTurFire Escape by _hanzo

Closer shot.... by welshladyFrench Woman Hypnotized by taijiquan12Juvenile Heron.. by gtj-45Tidepools by oranmorOn The Blink by Cybergabi01113_different_1024x768 by fredylenonThe bridge by kurtolo81Hinge by Cybergabisimply tulip by veru kaBlue, with a splash of orange by Gordon McGregor by brianchapmanOn the fence by Alex RennerDramatic sky by FanciThatPeace & Serenity......OoMmmm! by CaZ*Tin works Aberdulais by H M MutoidHeadless by The Original MozzyMorgan's Arcade Cardiff by attentialcaneCar streaks pretty good smaller by gpwarlowWalking Through Rome... by Serrano77  BIG Papa......NYsubwayundrpass by [Kwasi B.]Stadelhofen Railway Station by M tempsycose by chattycathy7575city view by JasbinaLynnUrban landscape by Gianni D.While You Were Sleeping by pmarellaWE LOVE TO BUILD  by chezrumpGranville by MariaJCit was a soft, reposeful summer landscape, as lovely as a dream, and as lonesome as sunday. by wacky doodlerHDR Panorama of Palacio de las Artes Reina Sofia, Valencia, Spain (photo 2/2) by Salva del SazNight Bridge by OzBanditHeated pool by SuperKarmenAvebury by jenny66Headlands by walking alongHeading South by Surreal McCoyForest Fog by Surreal McCoySpin me right round, right round. by hotdogg3ukmore postoffice - sepia by rizzo1IMG_3356-01 by benallsupSharr Mountains by azemportland_headlight by n.yardyEvening Calm by Bond BlackwellSaturday In The Park... by *Piney*853-5341 Ruined blackhouse and Bay by photozone72856-5696 Arnol Blackhouse by photozone72Old Timmy by Isl nd oy850-5034 Roadends Sidinish by photozone72Callanish Centre Stone by Isl nd oy852-5276 Tiumpen Head lighthouse by photozone72Gyeonghoeru by Anup PayyakkilWalk In the Park - Bonny Dundee by idgSlightly Surreal @Stobswell Pond Dundee by idg ?  by room929lighthouse sundown by AutomattIron Bridge by locus_imaginationHorizons by alexnolascoThe palace at night by Perikita's in long breakwater droplets - new version by escoltamThe Spa, Scarborough by XaOSthe land of milk and honey... by M t HWorth the 5am start for this picture by TabascoKidBrecon10.jpg by Will...The traffic chillies by Mabarsubmarine? by arcadivsprimrose hybrid by Tess BarnesGenesis by T  h  e  aDream World by mjp3000Brecon Beacons by Will...Chiapas by quiquenamibWillow trees in NP the Biesbosch by avdsteltTetons by walking alongWinter Glow 2 by bruiach1HDRgalleriaUI by Aged Valpo ; )clough berragh standing stone by minipixelGlengorm Stone Circle. Isle of Mull, Scotland. by Steve DegerAvebury Stones HDR 4118 by Keith Marshallwet and windy by polaris37Arnstein by HorschschdShipwreck on a morning by Chris.GordonWest Cliff Beach - Whitby by onlyforwardAllemere Falls by walking alongWaikiki Sunset by /ltusWeeping Rock, Rock by Jonas Thom nFootbridge by North SullivanThe eye by realitydreamBeyond the fence... by realitydreamblue skies and white snow by gail delderfield

If you’ve posted your list of favourite photos from Flickr online, please leave a comment to let everyone know, so that we can enjoy them too.

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New Entry Into MyPlace Competition

Posted by Stuart Herbert on September 1st, 2008 in News.

After unexpectedly winning the weekly MyPlace competition (with a photo uploaded to MyPlace last year), I’ve decided to have another go, to see if I can win again. This time round, I’ve submitted what is probably my other favourite shot from last year – Mumbles Head and Lighthouse. If you like the photo, please vote for it at the MyPlace website.

vote for me on MyPlace

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Weekly Winner on MyPlace

Posted by Stuart Herbert on September 1st, 2008 in News.

Calanais At Dusk - HDR
My HDR photograph of Calanais At Sunset has just been voted a Weekly Winner at the MyPlace website. (I’d provide a link to the photo on the MyPlace website, but their site design makes that impossible alas).

To be honest, I’d completely forgotten about MyPlace, the Panasonic social network setup last year by Panasonic. My prize is a voucher for 75 towards the cost of a new Panasonic camera, and it’s good until 31st August 2009. I’m not looking for a new camera atm (unless someone wants to sponsor me a D700 😀 ), so I think I’ll wait until next summer before taking my prize.

A huge thanks to everyone who voted for my photo!

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