The Houses Of Trefforest

The morning is, without doubt, the best time of day to try and snap the houses of Trefforest. Snuggling on the western bank of the River Taff, the former market town of Trefforest is today dominated by the University of Glamorgan. Most of the housing is now let to students, making the place a bit of a ghost town out of term time.

Taken from the same spot as Watching Over The A470.

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  1. Andrew Hoskins says:
    November 6th, 2013 at 10:35 am


    Unfortunately, I took no notice at all of the old Machine Bridge at Glyntaff when it was still in use by cars, so I have idea what this lattice framework is for, or where it originally fitted into the bridge’s construction.

    The ‘lattice framework’ in this picture is a Mabey Panel Bridge. This is a modular ‘Bailey Bridge’ assembly which is primarily used as a temporary bridging solution. It is likely that this edge girder (plus another and some deck panels) was originally spanning across adjacent to an existing bridge which needed replacement. This would have offered an alternative route to the side of the existing whilst demolition/construction works were taking place.

    The girder as photographed is in a temporary ‘storage’ position having been lifted out by a crane on dismantling of the temporary bridge. The support at the end is a typical steel beam painted in ‘Mabey Blue’ and with the company name visible.

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