The Rain At Night

A handheld shot of rain falling, made possible with my new Nikon 50mm f/1.4D lens. Shot under a spotlight down at the Cardiff Bay Barrage.

Mrs H and I had gone down to the Barrage to practice some night photography, but unfortunately the weather was against us. We hung around for a bit, hoping for a break in the rain, but it wasn’t to be.

But as Mrs H was packing up her gear, I noticed how a spotlight was picking up and highlighting the falling rain. I managed to find an angle where I could shoot upwards towards the light without getting the lens wet, and fired off several frames. This one was the best.

I kinda like it. It’s definitely a different shot to what I normally do 🙂

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Bute Park

Download the full-size picture (3264 x 1840) to use as your desktop wallpaper.

I’m supposed to be back at the hospital today for another MRI scan, so my desktop wallpaper today is a much-needed bit of escapism. When you’re stuck in an MRI scanner for 15-20 minutes, they tell you that if you move, they’ll have to start the whole thing all over again. Who wants that? It’s loud (even with the headphones on), you’re in there because you’re hurting, and you’re in there alone.

So when I’m stuck in the scanner, I pass the time by closing my eyes and remembering days like the one when I took this photo, lying on the sweet-smelling grass looking up at the sky through the trees overhead. I find it really helps if I think about this scene before I set off for the hospital … makes it much easier to remember once everything starts.

If you’re reading this in the RSS feed, my original blog post also includes a Google map showing where this photo was taken. Unfortunately I haven’t managed to get the map to appear yet in the RSS feed, so for now you’ll have to click through to my blog if you want to see the map. Sorry.

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