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Posted by Stuart Herbert on May 29th, 2010 in Photos, Shoot.

Last weekend, with the promise of blue skies and late-spring sunshine, Kristi and I headed down to Cornwall to make our first return trip to the Eden Project. A lot has changed since our original visit – Kristi has gone Canon and I’ve revamped all of my Nikon gear – and we were both eager to enjoy explore some of the parts of the Eden Project that we hadn’t seen last time.

We had expected packed roads on the way there and back, and heaving crowds at Eden; it was a delicious surprise to run into neither. It made for a wonderfully relaxing weekend, and for some unexpected photography opportunities. In particular, I would never have expected to have been able to take a shot of the WEEE Man sculpture plus his surrounds just before noon with not a person in view (although if you look closely, you’ll see a few folks in the Mediterranean Biodome behind him).

We practically had the place to ourselves after 4pm, which led to an amusing chat when I worriedly went up to one of the Eden staff wondering whether or not the place had actually closed and I’d not noticed! Apparently, everyone prefers to go to the beach on sunny days, so there you have it: if you want to explore the Eden Project with your camera, pick the sunniest day going.

If you’ve never been to the Eden Project, do go. It’s a unique blend of art, science, education, incredible engineering and culture, and the result is something very special indeed. You don’t have to be interested in plants – I’m not – to be utterly captivated by the place.

And did I mention that it’s a great place to explore with your camera? 🙂

Weee Man of Waste

Weee Man Standing Tall

The Roof of the Rainforest Biodome

Hut in the Mediterranean Biodome

Dock Office and Rope, Rainforest Biodome

Lamp Rusting In The Rainforest Biodome

Flower and Wheel, Mediterranean Biodome

The Seed Mix We Choose

This Way To The Biomes

Eden In Miniture

Core Roof

Carvings in the Rainforest Biodome

Rusting Scooter in the Rainforest Biodome

Incandescant Lightbulb

Your Journey Continues This Way

Rope Fence In The Rainforest Biodome

Through The Leaf

Close-up At Eden

Flowers At Eden

Flower of Eden

Flower of Eden

Outside The Core

First Visit To Eden

… and here, as a bonus, are my photos from my first visit to the Eden Project, all the way back in 2007!

Outside The Rainforest Biodome

A Complicated Nut Cracker

The Seed

The Roof Of The Med Biodome


The View From The Bridge


Rainforest Biodome At Night

The Colours That Change

Latest Photos

The Tap In The Farmhouse
Rusting Machinery
Fence Wire Beside The Path
The Gate Beside The Former Railway Line
The Wooden Gate
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