80 Photos: Nikon D200 Tribute

Posted by Stuart Herbert on August 7th, 2010 in Equipment, Photos.

Nikon D200

After four and a half years of faithful service, I finally sold on my Nikon D200. It might have been the Nikon D100 that got me into digital photography way back in 2003, but the Nikon D200 was the camera that I really fell in love with. It served me very well indeed, and although I made the switch earlier this year to the Nikon D300s, it took a while before I was ready to finally part with it.

I still have many thousands of photos from the Nikon D200 that remain to be sifted through, processed and uploaded (including many photos for my Merthyr Road project), so you’ll still be seeing new photos from the camera for months (if not years) to come here on this blog. But I wanted to post a tribute here and now to one of the great Nikon cameras … my choice of favourite photos taken with the D200.

No captions this time, just images. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them.

The Photos

Dolphin On The Beach

Beneath Whitby breakwater

Borth Beach At Sunset

Walking Along Borth Beach

Dawn Walk On The South Beach

The Martians Are Coming!

Fishing Nets

The Stile


Ice By Candlelight

Lighting The Way Home

Calanais At Dusk - HDR

Calanais At Dusk - HDR

Calanais At Dusk

Harlech Castle

Cadw Shop, Harlech Castle

Craig Yr Allt and The Garth

Dawn on Caerphilly Mountain

Mumbles Lighthouse

The Sorry Remains Of Brighton West Pier

The Fountain

Outside The Rainforest Biodome

2008 Review: Janet's Foss

Sunset On The Hill

Restricted Shore

The Bridge Opposite Castle Street

Cardiff Bay Railway Station

The Line Of Light

The Burning Beacon

Anthropogenic Crap

Who Are You Looking At?

We Are Not Amused Either

The Fountains Of Callaghan Square

Water Feature In Callaghan Square

The Greenway

Yellow Quarry Tipper Lorry

A Giant's Bite In The Landscape

Steetley Magnesite

Ribblehead Viaduct

Towards Pontypridd

Your Favourite Photos

South Towards Pontypridd

Graffiti Outside The Treforest Tin Works

The Abandoned House By Calanais III

British Camp

Calanais At Dusk - HDR

Macleod Stone - HDR

Macleod Stone - HDR

Past, Present and Future In Cardiff


The Lower Gun Deck, HMS Victory

The Reflections In The River

The Deserted Beaches Of Harris - HDR


Stone Wall Texture

Trees And Graigwen

ye olde Newbridge Arms

The Submerged Forest

Graffiti Inside The Treforest Tin Works

Walnut Tree Viaduct

Still & West Country House, Portsmouth Harbour

Penarth Pier

Unity - The Pontypridd Sculpture

Sunset On Borth Beach

Whitby Abbey At Sunset

Walk To Pennard Castle

Ribblehead Viaduct

Bridge Over The Glamorganshire Canal At Pont-y-dderwen

Sheltered Bay - HDR

The Submerged Forest

The Old Bridge, Pontypridd

The Chapel On The Hill

The Spa Footbridge, Scarborough

Morning Across The Taff

The Western Isles

Scarborough South Bay At Dawn

The Rooftops Of Cilfynydd

The Spice Island Inn, Portsmouth Harbour

Passing Beneath Catherine Street

The Submerged Forest

The Rediscovered House

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