Cats Rule! - My Oldest Surviving Digital Photo

I fired up my old fileserver tonight to dig out one of my old photos for someone, when I spotted this lurking in a forgotten folder. This was taken with my Nikon D100 back in March 2003, and according to the filename was photo #94. It’s now my oldest surviving digital shot.

And it’s still the best photo I’ve ever managed of my cat. He’s wised up to cameras since then, and runs a mile any time I try and take a portrait of him.

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I recently updated my Aperture workflow tutorial for Aperture v3, and posted the slides up on

It contains a detailed walkthrough of the steps that I follow every time I process photos to share on this blog and on Flickr. I hope you find it useful.


Former Bank In Mount Stuart Square

Mount Stuart Square, a designated conservation area since 1980, is home to something like 60 listed buildings. Some of these listed buildings are considered landmark buildings; some are not.

One of those which isn’t is this building, No 1 Mount Stuart Square. Unfortunately, I haven’t managed to track down online what bank this originally was. If you happen to know, please leave a comment below!

Copyright (c) Stuart Herbert. blog | twitter: (photography) (all) | facebook: (Merthyr Road project) (all).

If you’re reading this in the RSS feed, my original blog post also includes a Google map showing where this photo was taken. Unfortunately I haven’t managed to get the map to appear yet in the RSS feed, so for now you’ll have to click through to my blog if you want to see the map. Sorry.

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Green Leaves

Download the full-size picture to use as your desktop wallpaper.

Continuing the Week of Woodland Wallpaper, today’s shot is one I’ve done many times over the years: green leaves lit by sunlight.

Whether it’s parking the car, or just seeking respite during a long walk, there’s something very satisfying about seeking shade from the hot sun beneath the trees, and being able to look up at the green canopy overhead to pick out the details of all the veins in the leaves. There’s a real sense of relief, and of peace.

Copyright (c) Stuart Herbert. blog | twitter: (photography) (all) | facebook: (Merthyr Road project) (all).

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