As part of Guardian Cardiff’s June photography challenge, I headed down to Broadway in search of interesting signs to capture and share. Broadway is a perhaps overlooked road, eclipsed by the Newport Road that runs around it at both ends. It was once called Green Lane, and was once home to BBC Cymru when they first started broadcasting in 1964. Today, it looks somewhat run-down and neglected, and that’s reflected in some of the signs that I saw during my walk. But everyone I passed was friendly and welcoming, and left me hoping that better times lie ahead for this area.

The Photos

End Of Splott

Sign at the eastern end of Broadway, Adamsdown.

Royal Oak, Adamsdown

They have another lamp outside with the words ‘Royal Oak’ backwards, but unfortunately the light wasn’t good enough to get a decent shot of it.

What Is Money?

Makes a change from the usual ‘earn lots of money working from home’ signs you see on lampposts.

Clairvoyance Evening at The Royal Oak

I was amazed at how this piece of paper had survived both wind and rain.

24 for 12.99

This is the boarded up window of a former Victoria’s Wine off-license. It seems logical that this window must have been boarded up when the off-license was still in business, otherwise there’d be no booze to advertise?

Open Monday at 1pm

With the World Cup on (at the time I first published this photo on Flickr), I’m sure plenty of folks wish they could have shuttered shop for a few days to watch the footie on TV.

Hostile Substances In Use

This was one of several such signs I came across, suggesting that there has been a problem in this area with people climbing over fences into private property.

Not So Ideal After All?

I guess this corner location didn’t turn out to be as ideal as the last tenant had hoped.

2 Men and this Van

Removals and deliveries for hire. And you should check out their shop too; looking through the window, it looked to me that they had some very useful furniture available, and a welcome antidote to the IKEA world of today.

Wife For Sale

This sign tickled me far too much; I just had to share it 🙂

Missing: One AWESOME Cat

No matter where you go, there always seems to be missing cat posters on lampposts and in shop windows. This one stood out for me though because the owner’s love of her cat just leapt out off the poster. Here’s hoping Josephine is reunited with her cat all safe and sound.

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If you’re reading this in the RSS feed, my original blog post also includes a Google map showing where this photo was taken. Unfortunately I haven’t managed to get the map to appear yet in the RSS feed, so for now you’ll have to click through to my blog if you want to see the map. Sorry.

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