Inside The Tower At Conwy Castle

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Today, my choice of wallpaper has gone from the Welsh castle that’s too shy to be easily spotted to one of the great English castles that’s too proud and mighty to be easily captured by the camera.

One of the few pieces of photography advice that has stuck in my head over the years goes something like this: you can’t photograph the mountain whilst you’re standing on it. And the same surely goes for castles … you can’t photograph a castle’s tower whilst you’re standing inside it. Except … sometimes, just sometimes, these centuries-old ruins can offer up exactly the right spot to stand in to appreciate just how awesome they were in their day.

Now, I’m sure that this tower in Conwy Castle would have looked very different back in the day; there would have been one or two floors above this point, with a connecting spiral stairwell perhaps allowing staff and the garrison to travel up and down to see off the pesky Welsh natives. But just imagine being one of those Welsh natives, cast into a deep dark dungeon, with little hope of survival or of seeing the outside world ever again.

How are you going to spend the day looking at this photo? Thinking of the English, and the lost splendour of the castle? Or thinking of the Welsh, gazing up at the sky and a world that they’d never see thanks to the invaders?

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