Transfynydd Nuclear Power Station

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Opened in 1965 and closed in 1991, Transfynydd housed two Magnox reactors, and during its operating time was capable of generating enough power to run a city the size of Manchester (this was in the days before personal computers and iPhones, mind). Defuelling began in 1993, and the site is currently being decommissioned. Later in 2010, work will begin on partially demolishing the two reactor towers before they are covered up in an attempt to safely bury the dangerous and toxic materials they contain. There was an attempt to get Transfynydd nuclear power station classified as a listed building, but the request was rejected.

On a day like the day I visited to take this shot, the reactor buildings have a haunting quality, even viewed from so far away across the lake. They’re build from local materials, and were specifically architected with the surrounding landscape in mind. I can’t picture what the landscape will look like once they’re gone, and will return one summer to re-create this shot and see what the difference is like.

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