The Pope Comes To Edinburgh

Posted by Stuart Herbert on September 15th, 2010 in Travel Photography.

We were in Edinburgh the day before the Pope came to visit the city, and talking to local people, it seemed that the main impact of his impending visit was on local parking.

Heavyweight Sign

This is one of the temporary signs placed all around Edinburgh notifying its citizens and visitors of a ‘Special Event’ tomorrow. The event, of course, is the visit of the Pope to the Palace of Holyrood on a state visit; the first Pope ever to visit the UK on an official Head of State visit.

Parking Suspended For Pope Visit

On-street parking in Edinburgh was suspended on Wednesday ahead of the Pope’s visit to the city on Thursday. The special notices said that parking was suspended from 4pm on the Wednesday, but when we arrived in the city on Wednesday morning, all of the on-street parking meters had already been covered with notices stating that parking was suspended.

Police Bikes Outside Palace of Holyrood

There were plenty of police outside the Palace of Holyrood today in the build-up to the Pope’s visit to the Palace tomorrow, but I couldn’t say whether there were more police than normally present when Her Majesty is at the palace.

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