The community centre at Trallwn in Pontypridd is typical of many in the valleys. Originally a mission hall, it has been extended and converted into a great resource for the local community. The result is an exterior that at first glance appears old, like the terraced houses around it appear old, but look closer, and the mixture of old and new make for an interesting subject for my camera.

The Photos

Gate To The Community Centre

Plants Growing Out Of The Wall

Fence And Yellow

Fastening The Litter Bin To The Telegraph Pole

Extractor Fan Grill

Down The Drain

Drain Pipe On The Wall

Drain Pipe, Leaves and Vent

Grit Salt

Bethania, 1908

The Old Entrance To The Hall

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Last Look At Barmouth Bridge

Download the full-size picture to use as your desktop wallpaper.

There really is only one photo to choose as both my final Barmouth Bridge shot, and as my final choice of wallpaper out of all of the photos I’ve uploaded to Flickr from our holiday last summer in North Wales.

On the Thursday, our car was wrecked when we were the innocent victims of careless driving just outside Barmouth. Unable to hire a car to drive ourselves home (which was probably for the best, given how shaken up we were), my Dad drove down from Yorkshire on the Friday to pick us up and take us home. Me and him came back to Barmouth on the Saturday to pick up the rest of our holiday luggage from the place we’d been staying, and before leaving for the last time, I took one last shot of Barmouth Bridge … and I think it turned out to be the best of the lot.

I hope you’ve enjoyed both this week’s choice of wallpapers, and indeed all of the photos from last summer’s holiday that I’ve chosen over the last five weeks. There’s still a few I’m planning to use as wallpapers at some point in the future, but next week will be a new theme. I hope to see you back then. Have a great weekend.

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