Aberdare House

Mount Stuart Square, a designated conservation area since 1980, is home to something like 60 listed buildings. Some of these listed buildings are considered landmark buildings; some are not.

Aberdare House isn’t one of the landmark buildings, but when I recently wandered around the square with my camera, the carvings above the door really caught my eye. Sadly, I’ve been unable to learn much about its original history to date; if you know more about the building, please leave a comment below.

What I did find was that, 1933, it was the registered office of Bwllfa & Cwmaman Ddu Collieries Ltd, a company which operated nine coal mines in the Aberdare area, outputting one million tonnes of coal a year. By 1937, the company had changed its name to just Bwllfa & Cwmaman Collieries Ltd, and had moved its registered office to London. Both companies were run by Sir David Richard Llewellyn, a leading member of the coal mining industry in South Wales who was made a Baronet in 1922.

Today, Aberdare House is used by the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, and first round auditions for all of their 2010 acting programme will be held here. There also appears to be residential premises upstairs too; I found a mention of the sale of a flat back in 2007.


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If you’re reading this in the RSS feed, my original blog post also includes a Google map showing where this photo was taken. Unfortunately I haven’t managed to get the map to appear yet in the RSS feed, so for now you’ll have to click through to my blog if you want to see the map. Sorry.


Underneath The Royal Tweed Bridge

My choice of wallpaper today is this shot looking along the underneath of the Royal Tweed Bridge in Berwick upon Tweed.

This bridge is the main road bridge into and out of the town centre, and from the car you can clearly see the Royal Border Bridge that I chose yesterday. But get out of the car and have a good wander around, and there are popular footpaths along the banks of the Tweed that take you underneath all of the bridges, giving you different views such as this one.

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