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I’ve been uploading to Flickr for exactly 3 days short of four years, and this morning I reached a satisfying milestone: 300,000 views. I’ve no idea how that compares to anyone else on Flickr; I’m sure that it’s just a small step along the way. But it sure feels like a nice number to have reached 😀 Especially when I think back (and this is going back over … oh … two decades plus change now) at how rubbish I was at anything remotely creative at school.

My next target is to get to 500,000 views … and to continue to work towards achieving a minimum of 1,000 views a day. To get there, I need to get much better at my photography, and to continue to find an audience for my work.

Speaking of which, I especially want to thank the local community journalists at both Guardian Cardiff and Your Cardiff for their encouragement over the last few months. Much of my photography is about where I live, and both Hannah and Ed have done a great job with connecting with the local blogging community around here and featuring our work on their websites and in their news stories. Strong local journalism is an essential part of a healthy democratic society, and you only have to contrast their efforts with the anonymous and largely absent BBC local news team to see what a difference they’re already making.

And I need your help too. You can help me, by leaving comments here on my blog or on Flickr to tell me what you like and what you don’t like. If you like something, why not share it with your friends on Flickr or Facebook? Chances are they’ll like it too.

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