It’s that time of year again, when I look back at 2010 through the lens of my camera … covering May and June.

Stu’s Reflections

Ah, May, and a parting of the ways. After many years of faithful service, my Nikon D200 was finally retired, and replaced by the excellent Nikon D300s. By now, I had a growing collection of prime lenses, and was finding out the hard way that shooting with manual focus through the viewfinder was a bit of a lottery. The D300s featured Live View, a feature Mrs H had taken great delight in showing off on her Canon EOS 500D, and which I realised my photography would really benefit from. There was also the added advantage that the D300s captures reds a lot better than the D200, although sadly it turns out that comes at the expense of its ability to see green properly.

The other good news was a breakthrough with my knee injury at the end of April, thanks to an osteopath who listened to me where my consultant had ignored the symptoms I’d reported. I still couldn’t get far, which forced me to switch my Merthyr Road photography from long walks through the countryside to short bursts in urban areas where the density of opportunity was much greater … but at least I could get out with the new camera.

The highlight for publishing in May was our first return to the Eden Project in several years. On arrival, I was both stunned and secretly very pleased to find that they still use one of my photos for their guidebook. It was a beautiful day, and an inspiring one, but one that left me with a dilemma for much of the year, after I snagged what I felt was far and away the single best photo I’d ever taken.

June saw a shift with my photography, with me starting to publish more new photos and a reduction in me featuring older photos that had already been published on Flickr. I was starting to enjoy the challenge of taking enough new photos to keep the desktop wallpaper project going, inspired largely by the monthly competitions that the Guardian Cardiff folks started to run via their Twitter group. I felt that I was learning to find more and more photos in smaller areas, making the most of the limited mobility I had. And the light was proving to be surprisingly excellent too, which helped enormously!

The highlight in June was our trip up to the Pont yr Daf bridge, which had been uncovered from its watery grave by the hot weather and drought. Being able to walk around the bed of the reservoir was one thing, but being able to make our way along the retaining wall and peer into the sluice gates left high and dry was quite another.

All in all, May and June proved to be two thoroughly enjoyable months out and about with the camera, resulting in many more photos than I was able to publish at the time.

The Best Of The Photos

Junction 32

The Greenway


Past, Present and Future in Cardiff: Part 2

Lost TVR Route To The Docks

The Fountains Of Callaghan Square

Water Feature In Callaghan Square

Ribblehead Viaduct

2008 Review: Glamorgan Heritage Coast

Weee Man of Waste

Dock Office and Rope, Rainforest Biodome

Core Roof

Carvings in the Rainforest Biodome

Your Journey Continues This Way

Rope Fence In The Rainforest Biodome

Outside The Core

Log and Swamp

Steetley Magnesite

Steetley Magnesite

Steetley Magnesite

Railings On The Taff

Wet Lights

Keep Clear

Traffic Control On The New Bridge

Open Monday at 1pm

Pont yr Daf Revealed By Drought

Maltsters Arms

The Beach at Llwyn Onn

Llwyn Onn Reservoir

Cardiff Clock Tower and Trees

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