It’s that time of year again, when I look back at 2010 through the lens of my camera … covering July and August.

Stu’s Reflections

If truth be told, I don’t really remember much about July and August.

After several years of hiatus, the always-enchanting Beyond The Border storytelling festival returned to life. We’ve been regulars for a few years now, and photos from previous visits all the way back to my Nikon D100 days have featured on this blog before. It was weird not camping (we decided it was better for my knee to sleep in a proper bed every night), that’s for sure. In post-processing these photos, I started to find my feet with the subtle but important nudges in Aperture that were to define my look for the rest of the year.

I also tried my hand at something I normally go out of my way to avoid … topical photography. Although a lot of my Merthyr Road photography is more photo-journalism than photo-art, my natural instinct is to actively avoid trying to photography anything that is current news. In general, such photos date very badly, and everyone loses interest in them within a couple of days. Besides, there are many thousands of people doing that already. There’s much fewer of us out there taking photos of what once was; it’s a gap I’d rather focus on most of the time.

But the controversy over the draining of the Llanishen and Lisvane Reservoirs in Cardiff seemed too important to avoid. They’re historical reservoirs, and so fitted in well with the remit I’ve set myself for my Merthyr Road project, and they were disappearing as the current site owners appear determined to drain them dry and replace them with a housing estate. On reflection, it wasn’t a great success. The photos are hardly inspiring, and by the time I published them, there wasn’t much interest left in the story.

August started with a tribute to my departed Nikon D200. I’d finally grown comfortable enough with the Nikon D300s to part with the D200, a camera I’d had since January 2006. (I’d have had one even earlier if my employer at the time hadn’t screwed me over to make a point to other members of staff. Needless to say, I don’t work there any more!)

Other than that, August was mostly about being in the groove, steadily publishing the photos that had built up from earlier in the year. I had a long-running series covering the Coryton Line from Coryton itself down to the station at Heath Low Level. There were few truly outstanding photos from the set, but as a record of the line in 2010, I’m confident it will pass the test of time, and be a fine example of what my Merthyr Road project is really about.

Towards the end of August, I finally started to process and publish the photos from our summer 2009 holiday, the holiday where we’d been hurt in the car accident. I hadn’t been expecting much from the photos we’d taken; it was a pleasant surprise at just how many I was happy to publish.

Oh, and I managed to find and post my oldest surviving digital photograph, which is still one of the best I’ve taken so far of my cat 🙂

The Best Of The Photos


It's Been A Hard Life

The Trees Behind The Fence

Whispy Clouds Above Cathays

The Canvas Of The Pavilion

Public Telephone At Heath Low Level Station

Grass On The Clifftop

Cathays Station Sign Behind Grilled Fence

Dirty Life Buoy At Lisvane Reservoir

2008 Review: Janet's Foss

The Cenotaph

Cadw Shop, Harlech Castle

Rhiwbina Railway Station

Spray-Painted Sign

Trees In Bute Park

Cats Rule! - My Oldest Surviving Digital Photo

The Lane Through The Trees

Enjoying The Beautiful Mawddach

Bench Under The Trees In Bute Park

Dry Stone Wall

The House Nestled In Nicely

House And Dry Stone Walls

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