It’s that time of year again, when I look back at 2010 through the lens of my camera … covering November and December.

Stu’s Reflections

November I remember mostly as a quiet month for my photography. The event that sticks strongest in my memory was an evening shoot in the beautiful city of Bath, where I work. I’ve promised myself a whole day in Bath with my full camera rig in 2011 when the light improves, and I’ve promised my colleagues in the office (several of whom are excellent photographers) that we’ll organise a group shoot too. I also had a fun day in Cardiff when our mad Canadian friend Naomi came to visit for a weekend from the States, sneaking shots whilst showing her around Cardiff Bay and its collection of Daleks, and this year I took the camera with me during my annual trip up to Gregynog as a visiting industrialist. Sadly the light didn’t co-operate as I would have liked, and there wasn’t really the time to relax and get into the mood.

The odd thing for me was that, despite publishing less photos now that the Merthyr Road series had stopped, my photography increased in popularity on Flickr.

And then finally came December. I spent most of December working or sleeping, but still managed to end the year on a high, with a very popular collection of photos of the unseasonable snow that arrived mid-month. A mad-cap trip to Manchester on business earlier in the month also gave me a great opportunity to try something different. I’m not sure the resulting shots are to everyone’s taste, but I came away with several in particular that I enjoyed.

The Best Of The Photos

Three Swings

Aerial Photography by the Abbey


Side Of The Millennium Centre

Girders For Wales Rally 2010

Ribs Of A Ship Sculpture

We Will Exterminate You

Gregynog Hall

The Library At Gregynog

Gate In The Hay

Duddo Five Stones

Poor Driving Conditions

Merthyr Road In Mist

Big Wheel And Arndale Centre

175 Years

Manchester Alleyway

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