In the summer of 2009, Mrs H and I went on an ill-fated fortnight’s holiday in beautiful North Wales, basing ourselves just outside of Barmouth. Although some of the photos I took that fortnight have featured in my desktop wallpaper series, this is the first time that I’ve pulled together all the shots taken on holiday by theme.

One of the common features of Welsh castles (as apposed to English castles built to keep the Welsh in line) is that they’re extremely well hidden, and normally very small. Castell y Bere near Craig y Aderyn fits that criteria perfectly. Even with a good map, we had a devil of a job finding it; you can drive right past it and not notice it is there, even after all these years of peace between the English and the Welsh.

Craig y Aderyn (Bird Rock)

Steps Up Into Castell y Bere

The View Towards Craig y Aderyn (Bird Rock)

Castell y Bere

The Well At Castell y Bere

The Path Down From Castell y Bere

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