In the summer of 2009, Mrs H and I went on an ill-fated fortnight’s holiday in beautiful North Wales, basing ourselves just outside of Barmouth. Although some of the photos I took that fortnight have featured in my desktop wallpaper series, this is the first time that I’ve pulled together all the shots taken on holiday by theme.

After the car accident, I made one further visit back to Barmouth. My Dad had had to come and pick us up, but his car was too small to fit everyone and the luggage in, so we came back on the Saturday to pick up the rest of the luggage. Thankfully South Wales isn’t so far away – can you imagine the difficulty if we’d been Londoners? We were blessed by good weather, and there was just enough enough time for one final walk around Barmouth with the camera before heading off home for good.

Looking Along The Tracks At Barmouth

Train Sneaking Up On Barmouth

The Round House, Barmouth

Last Look At Barmouth Bridge

Final Thoughts

We had a great time in and around Barmouth during our holiday, and I can heartily recommend it to anyone who wants to slow things down, relax, and do a lot of walking. Be aware that mobile phone signals on all networks are weak to non-existant; you’ll get voice in places, but mobile broadband for data was totally impossible. Take advantage of it, unplug from the office, and get out into the fresh air!

Our holiday was life-changing because of the car accident we had, but that could have happened anywhere in the UK, and we were just unlucky to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. We’re often glad that we were in that accident, if such a thing is possible, because the back seat of our car had no-one sat on it. There were children sat on the back seat of the car in front of us, and it doesn’t bear thinking about the carnage that would have happened if that van had gone into them directly.

And the worst thing of all? No speed camera would have prevented that accident. He wasn’t speeding. He just failed to stop before a line of stationary vehicles.

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