Rocket Fuel Line

For this week’s theme, I’m returning to Scotland’s National Museum of Flight. It is home to a wonderful collection of aircraft, both military and civilian. The star attraction of the museum is undoubtably Concorde G-BOAA, but there’s plenty of other aircraft to see and enjoy too, and we certainly didn’t get around all four hangars plus all of the outside exhibits in a single day.

Hangar 3 is a photographer’s paradise, as it is home to a large variety of aircraft currently undergoing restoration. That means that you can shoot bits of aircraft that you can’t normally see. What’s more, Mrs H and I had the place to ourselves, allowing us to take our time and really explore with our cameras.

The one piece of kit that caught my eye in there was the Blue Streak missile. Blue Streak was a British intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), designed in the 1950’s during the nuclear arms race of the Cold War. Sadly, it was fraught with technical and military problems, and was eventually cancelled in 1960, with Britain going on to buy the American Polaris nuclear delivery system for its submarines instead.

East Fortune’s Blue Streak is sat at the back of the hangar, making it difficult to photograph, but thankfully the chap minding the hangar let me cross the ropes to get a much better view of it. This shot was taken of the side that you can’t see from the main walkway through the hangar, where my eye was drawn to one of the fuel lines that ultimately caused this piece of British grandstanding to never make it into active service. Still, it wasn’t all bad – the Americans ended up copying our idea of siting ICBMs in underground launch facilities to withstand a first strike scenario.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s theme. Have a good weekend, and I’ll be back next week with some more photos for your desktops.

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