The Path Up The Mountain

My current theme is Snowdonia in the Snow at Easter, with guest photos by Mrs H!

From the Menai Straight, we headed south to Llanberis, the village that sits at the foot of Mount Snowdon. We weren’t sure what conditions would be like – the Llanberis Pass had been closed when I’d last checked the day before. But it was open, and we were able to get some photos before we drove up through the pass.

The eastern side of the foot of the pass is dominated by Electric Mountain, the Dinorwig Hydro-electric Power Station that we studied as kids in school. The power station is built on the site of a disused slate quarry, which I believe is the Dinorwic Quarry.

From the pass, the snow highlighted these strange and distinctive pathways up the side of the old quarry face. This is the best of my efforts to pick them out and capture them.

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