St Pauls Cathedral

From the Museum of London, I headed due south to the back of St Paul’s Cathedral. One of the great buildings of the world, like many iconic structures in the UK it has been so hemmed in by other buildings that it’s very difficult to photograph well from street level. Many photographers head over the river to the South Bank and shoot St Paul’s and the Millennium Bridge together. It’s become a terribly cliched shot, and it wasn’t one that I wanted to repeat, as frankly I’m fed up of seeing it regularly on Twitter. I want to seek out the photos that you hopefully haven’t yet seen.

I’d originally planned to shoot this from the north-east corner, but I couldn’t find a position where the shot wasn’t suffering from light pollution from everything else around. In the end, I ended up shooting through the trees down at the south-east corner. I think it makes for a strong image and a good wallpaper.

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