St Pauls Cathedral and Blackfriars

From St Paul’s, I wandered south through the lanes (which you’ll see tomorrow) and down onto Waterloo Bridge for my last shot of the evening. You’ve got St Paul’s Cathedral, with the brightly lit Blackfriars Station immediately in front of it, and the lush purple lighting of Blackfriars Bridge just peeking in on the right.

A pro tip for any photographer who wants to join the crowds on Waterloo Bridge to capture this scene after dark: take a tripod. I shot this handheld at 200mm, but I’m shooting with crazy gear and I’ve had a lot of practice at stillness – and it was still the only usable image that I got from the bridge that night! If you’re using prosumer or entry-level gear, physics is against you, sorry. Take a tripod down to the bridge to avoid disappointment.

Or alternatively, do what I’m planning on doing in the summer and head down there at dusk to capture this scene towards sunset. I imagine it’ll make for spectacular photos – if you remember to take a tripod.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s photos. Tomorrow, I’ll publish a round-up post with all the images that I took for ‘London: After The Summit’. And tomorrow, I’m supposed to be spending the day climbing Pen-y-Fan in the Brecons as part of the training for the 3 Peaks Challenge. If weather permits, I hope to bag a few shots for a future set of wallpapers 🙂

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