The PHPNW Effect

Posted by Stuart Herbert on December 24th, 2012 in News.

Back in October, I did some photography at the PHP North West 2012 Conference in Manchester. According to Flickr, I had about 20,000 extra views as a result.

The PHPNW Effect is mighty indeed!

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Half A Million Thank You’s!

Posted by Stuart Herbert on February 26th, 2012 in News.

Half A Million Thank-Yous!

Last week, I crossed the 500,000 views mark on Flickr. Feels like a nice milestone to have reached 🙂 It’s taken nearly five and a half years to get here. The challenge now is to get to the one million mark a bit quicker!

Top 10 Most Viewed Photos At The Half A Million Waypoint

Graffiti Outside The Treforest Tin Works

Stone Wall Texture

The Lower Gun Deck, HMS Victory

Outside The Rainforest Biodome

Graffiti Inside The Treforest Tin Works

Sunset On Borth Beach

Mumbles Lighthouse

The Abandoned House By Calanais III

British Camp

Dawn on Caerphilly Mountain

10 Of My Personal Favourites

Lighting The Way Home

The Line Of Light

Outside The Core

Merthyr Road In Mist

Wall And Gate


Rock Pool

Calanais At Dusk - HDR

Enjoying The Beautiful Mawddach

Standing Inside Concorde

Copyright (c) Stuart Herbert. Blog | Twitter | Facebook
Photography: Merthyr Road | Daily Desktop Wallpaper | 25×9 | Twitter.

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Getting Back To Posting

Posted by Stuart Herbert on June 5th, 2011 in News.

My apologies to everyone who has been missing their daily dose of desktop wallpaper for the last couple of weeks. My Dad is quite unwell, and I’ve been back home in Yorkshire to help look after him.

Normal service will resume tomorrow 🙂

Best regards,


Progress Towards 500 Views A Day

Posted by Stuart Herbert on May 16th, 2011 in News.

At the start of the year, I set myself three New Year’s Resolutions about photography. One of those was to get to 500 views a day, every day, for my photos on Flickr, by the end of 2011. How am I doing?

To find out, I recently took a break from posting new photos on here, and especially from promoting my photos via Twitter. (My apologies if you’ve missed my wallpapers; they’re back this week). I was already managing 500 views a day before this break, but this is a good opportunity for me to see how well my visitor stats on Flickr held up without the promotional effort.

Between 19th April and 15th May inclusive, my photos on Flickr were viewed a total of 10,393 times. That averages out at a fraction under 385 views a day. If you compare that with the stats at the end of October, 2010, I believe that they are moving in the right direction, but it will be touch and go as to whether I reach my goal or not just on casual visitors.

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Posted by Stuart Herbert on October 26th, 2010 in News.


I’ve been uploading to Flickr for exactly 3 days short of four years, and this morning I reached a satisfying milestone: 300,000 views. I’ve no idea how that compares to anyone else on Flickr; I’m sure that it’s just a small step along the way. But it sure feels like a nice number to have reached 😀 Especially when I think back (and this is going back over … oh … two decades plus change now) at how rubbish I was at anything remotely creative at school.

My next target is to get to 500,000 views … and to continue to work towards achieving a minimum of 1,000 views a day. To get there, I need to get much better at my photography, and to continue to find an audience for my work.

Speaking of which, I especially want to thank the local community journalists at both Guardian Cardiff and Your Cardiff for their encouragement over the last few months. Much of my photography is about where I live, and both Hannah and Ed have done a great job with connecting with the local blogging community around here and featuring our work on their websites and in their news stories. Strong local journalism is an essential part of a healthy democratic society, and you only have to contrast their efforts with the anonymous and largely absent BBC local news team to see what a difference they’re already making.

And I need your help too. You can help me, by leaving comments here on my blog or on Flickr to tell me what you like and what you don’t like. If you like something, why not share it with your friends on Flickr or Facebook? Chances are they’ll like it too.

Copyright (c) Stuart Herbert. Blog | Twitter | Facebook
Photography: Merthyr Road | Daily Desktop Wallpaper | 25×9 | Twitter.

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An Amazing 250,000 Views On Flickr

Posted by Stuart Herbert on May 30th, 2010 in News.

Sometime on Friday, my Flickr account passed an amazing milestone: 250,000 views of my photos, sets, collections, and my photostream as a whole. In the scheme of things, I don’t know how 250,000 views compares to others on Flickr, but it’s certainly an achievement I never thought I’d reach when I posted my very first photo.

Here is that first photo (one of my favourites, I have to admit), uploaded on 30th June 2006, taken with my Nikon D100 on Machrie Moor, Arran, Scotland.

Machrie Moor, Arran

And one month short of four years later, here’s the last photo uploaded before the 250,000 views milestone was reached. It’s also one of my favourites, taken with my Nikon D300s at the Eden Project in Cornwall.

Weee Man of Waste

I was never considered artistic in school, and I’m sure that if you’d told any of my teachers that one day I’d produce photos viewed by many thousands of people (these 250,000 views can’t all be my Dad), they would have laughed you out of the building. It certainly gives me the confidence to keep clicking away.

So “thank you” to all of my readers. I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at my photos to date as much as I’ve enjoyed taking them.

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I like to change my desktop wallpaper regularly, and recently I’ve been sharing my choice with my followers on Flickr. Judging by the Flickr stats, it’s been quite popular, so I’ve decided to start sharing these choices with my blog readers too.

I’m also going to expand my choices to include great photos on Flickr by other photographers that I think deserve a wider audience. If you come across any Creative Commons-licensed photos on Flickr that you’d like to see me feature, please let me know by leaving a comment here, or dropping me an email or a message on Twitter.

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A Trial Publishing Schedule

Posted by Stuart Herbert on March 21st, 2010 in News.

How often would you like to see photos and articles published on this blog? Let me know in the comments below.

For now, I’m aiming to publish every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Larger articles will be on Fridays (because they always make me think of the weekend to come 🙂 ), and any other photos or articles will be Mondays and Wednesdays. (That gives me Tuesdays and Thursdays for T’ai Chi articles). And any photography news and thoughts will appear under the #photography tag in my Twitter feed as and when they occur to me.

If that doesn’t work for you, I upload the photos for the articles to my Flickr feed in advance each weekend … you can go grab them straight from there and bypass the blog articles altogether. But I always recommend the blog, of course 🙂

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After 12 months of relative quiet, I thought it about time to post some news on what I’ve been up to with my photography. Even if it just acts as a note-to-self to remind me what I want to blog about next 🙂

Although I haven’t been posting new articles on here for some time now (new job and my Tai Chi school have had to come first, sorry), I’ve still been getting out and about with my camera taking new photos for future articles. Redevelopment at both ends of the Merthyr Road area (Cardiff City Centre and the land to the south of Dowlais) make it more important than ever to capture this area’s industrial history before it’s gone forever.

I’ve updated the list of upcoming articles on the Merthyr Road project page. At the current count, I have most if not all of the photos for 38 more articles, and I’m expecting to be out and about several times a month getting photos for even more articles 🙂

On top of that, I’ve started planning a third series of articles, to sit alongside the main Merthyr Road articles and the growing Single Shot Series. I’ve been wondering what Cardiff and the valleys might have looked like if – instead of ripping up the canal and working hard to erase it from memory – if instead it had been protected, renovated, and still existed today. I don’t have the means to travel to a parallel universe with my camera to capture this, but what I can do is visit other places in the UK which still have their canals, and play what-if that way. So it seems appropriate that this new series of articles will be called the What If Series.

Interestingly, my thoughts about the Nokia N82 as a camera has consistently been one of my popular blog posts these past few months. If that’s your thing, I do have several equipment reviews I’d like to write up and publish, including reviews on Foolography’s bluetooth GPS adapter for the Nikon D200 (summary: it’s worth every penny), my new Panasonic DMC-LX3 (summary: it’s very good, but it’s definitely not a general purpose camera), and the new Panasonic G1 kindly loaned to me by Panasonic this year (summary: it almost didn’t go back).

Finally, I’m hoping to write more articles on technique as and when I can. I need to bring out an updated version of my popular Aperture Workflow article, I think it would be good to share the process behind my HDR photos (with the D200, I shoot mostly HDR these days), and after a near-miss at the weekend, an article on safety as a photographer probably wouldn’t go amiss 🙂 I’d also like to encourage others to do similar projects to mine, by explaining how I go about my research and the wide range of tools that are available to you today that you may not realise can help.

I hope you enjoy the work I publish. If you do, it’d be great to hear from you via comments left on the blog. And I’m always looking for suggestions of new locations to visit and explore with my camera.

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Stone Wall Texture

My photo of a stone wall on the Western Isles of Scotland has just become the third of my photos to reach the milestone of 1,000 views on Flickr.

This is even more of a surprise than my graffiti photo (which has now accelerated past the 1,600 views mark), as I just can’t imagine who is looking at this photo or why it is so popular. From the information provided by Flickr’s stats, it seems that its catching the eye of folks searching for stone walls on Yahoo Images …

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