I want to share with you Norman Priesset of photographs of Pontypridd from New Years Day, 2005, which I recently found on Flickr.

I’ve written before about the decline of Pontypridd, and am planning on doing so again later this year. For as long as I’ve lived here in Ponty, the talk of the town has always been about how local council neglect has seen Ponty become more and more run down over the years. And sets of photos like Norman’s are an important example of how this has been the case for years, under successive administrations. Compare his to mine from 2007, and you’ll see little difference, sadly, in the state of this town.

I’d urge you all to go out and vote in the local elections next month, but in all honesty I’ve been unable to work out from the ‘net whether or not there will be any local elections in Pontypridd.

Anyways, go and check out Norman’s photos, and see the situation for yourself.

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