At work, we make and sell software written in a number of languages; our flagship product is written in PHP. During pre-sales, we’ve always had to handle some questions about our choice of PHP – normally from IT staff with a preference for Java or lately .NET – and we normally manage to convince the potential customer that PHP isn’t the bad choice that they’ve been led to believe.

But one of the unfortunate side-effects of Stefan Esser’s much-publicised (self publicised? :) ) departure from the PHP Security Team has been an increase in the number of IT staff we’re coming across who “believe” both that open-source is inherently insecure, and that PHP in particular has incurable problems. These “beliefs” hurt ISVs trying to sell PHP-based applications into skeptical organisations.

Why isn’t there a central resource containing the answers to “Why PHP?” in a business-oriented way? Something that ISVs can refer their clients to, and it not only promotes the excellent advantages of PHP (and include success stories from vertical markets), but also include substantial rebuttals to the FUD that ISVs have to deal with during the pre-sales process.

I’m not surprised that doesn’t contain such a resource (it’s not really the place for it, one could argue), but it’s disappointing to see that Zend doesn’t provide one. What’s good for ISVs should be good for Zend, after all, and this is an area where they could help all the ISVs that they want to sell their products to :)

Is there interest from other folks in having a resource like this? Or maybe working together to build such a resource?

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