PHP London Conference Is Packed Out

Posted by Stuart Herbert on February 23rd, 2007 in Conferences.

Mmm … the “sold out” sign on the PHP London Conference’s home page doesn’t do it justice. “Packed out” would be a much better description. There isn’t an empty seat in the house, and during the talks there are quite a few folks standing at the back or sitting on the floor.

It’s fantastic to see such a well-supported conference here in the UK. I don’t remember coming across anyone else from the UK at the PHP conferences I’ve been to overseas. Apart from Cal and Yair representing Zend, everyone else I’ve spoken to has been a developer. For all the attention that Rails has grabbed in the last twelve months, it’s great to see that interest in PHP if anything is stronger than it was a year ago.

If anyone’s interested in having a chat about the Why PHP? group, let me know. I’m sat on the back row just to the left of the main doors.


I’ll be making the bleary-eyed trek over from Cardiff on Friday morning (I’m more liking to be heading off to bed at 5am than getting out of one!) to the PHP Conference in London. If you’re going to the conference too, and you’d like to meet up afterwards (or over lunch) to talk about the Why PHP effort, please head on over to the group and let us know.

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In my last post, I asked whether there was any interest in there being a resource that makes the business case for PHP. Many thanks to everyone who replied, especially David Goulden at Zend.

To turn this from an idea into reality, I’ve setup a Google group where anyone who is interested can join in, and help build this resource. Please come along with your ideas and concerns, and let’s see what we can achieve together.

I don’t know what other folks think, but I think the first step is to draw up a list of topics that the business case needs to cover. Run into a question from a customer that stops you selling your PHP solution? Let us know.


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