Anyone Using Textmate To Work With PHP?

Posted by Stuart Herbert on November 30th, 2007 in Toolbox.

My editor of choice for PHP for the last year or two has been phpEclipse. It’s the best compromise so far between IDE-like features (especially being able to search the entire code base, being able to have multiple projects open at once, and the absolute best class/function inspector in any PHP editor I’ve used so far – I can’t live without these features) and a text editor with acceptable performance (which is where Zend Studio has always lost out; can’t abide an editor that can’t keep up with my typing), syntax highlighting and code layout.

Unfortunately, phpEclipse doesn’t get released all that often (the last official release was 18 months ago now, although there are nightly CVS builds for folks who can afford to risk a broken PHP dev environment, and unfortunately I can’t afford that in my day job). That’s a long time to go without bug fixes and useful new features! It also suffers from that annoying Eclipse-ism of being unable to do anything for 10 minutes or so when you first open a project, whilst the workspace is rebuilt.

So I’m currently auditioning Textmate to see whether it can replace phpEclipse as my environment of choice. First impressions are pretty favourable (it supports projects, its fast, and the syntax highlighting is close enough) but it seems to lack a few useful features that phpEclipse has (like a class inspector – grrr, and being able to use phpdoc to provide context-sensitive help) and the performance seems to suck something awful when working on remote filesystems over 100mbit ethernet.

I was wondering if anyone else who reads Planet PHP has switched to Textmate, and if you’ve got any tips you can share on how to make Textmate a great PHP editing environment. If you do, please leave a comment below.


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