It’s a bit startling to think that it’s already a fortnight since the hugely successful PHPNW 08 conference happened up in Manchester. Where has the last two weeks gone? (Actually, I know exactly where it’s gone – putting together a shopping list for new iSCSI storage, but that’s a different topic). I thought Jeremy et al ran a great conference (the single best open-source conference I’ve been to in the UK so far, and that includes the Gentoo conferences I used to run in Manchester 🙂 ) and I hope they’re able to put on another conference next year. I really enjoyed myself, and I’d forgotten how much I missed going to conferences.

I was there to talk about our experience at Gradwell with building our Twittex service in just seven days. Videos of all the talks will be available from PHPNW once the editing has been finished, but if you can’t wait, my slides are now available. A big thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the talk. If you haven’t done so yet, I’d love to hear what you thought about the talk.

It takes surgery to separate me from a camera, and the PHPNW 08 weekend was no exception. This was my first weekend with my new Panasonic DMC-LX 3 (which I bought on the journey up to the conference). I had great fun putting the camera through its paces, and you can see the results up on Flickr.

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