Poll: Have you adopted PHP 5.3 yet?

Posted by Stuart Herbert on September 1st, 2009 in Opinion, Toolbox.

Earlier in the year, before PHP 5.3 was released, I asked the community a series of questions about their attitudes towards moving to PHP 5.3, and had a fantastic response. I’m going to turn all of those answers into a new conference talk that I’m working on.

Now that PHP 5.3 has been around for a few months and we’ve started seeing plenty of blog posts covering all the new features in PHP 5.3, I’m wondering whether or not you have actually moved to PHP 5.3 yet. I’m especially curious to see how this compares to what people said they’d do before it came out :)

Please vote on twtpoll to let me know if you have moved to PHP 5.3, and if not, what’s still stopping you. Many thanks in advance!

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