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Posted by Stuart Herbert on January 26th, 2010 in Storytlr.

I haven’t been blogging very much for some time now; since the car crash my weekends have mostly been spent recovering from the long commute to and from work during the week. But I do tweet a lot, and thought it would be a good idea to update my website to show more of a lifestream rather than just the blog.

Storytlr has been getting a few mentions recently, such as this story on Arstechnica, since its authors decided to release it under the Apache license. Based on Zend Framework, Storytlr is relatively simple to install, but not yet as polished as WordPress has become.

My first impressions are that it has promise, but that it’s not yet a 1.0 release in terms of quality. That surprised me, given that the guys used to run a business based on this, but full credit to them for placing the code under an open source license so that the community can keep it alive.

The Google project … I wouldn’t say it was dead, but at the time of writing it hadn’t been updated for over six weeks. There’s also a github project from the Storytlr authors, and jmhobbs has an active clone of the Storytlr project where he’s busy adding some much-needed polish. I’ve cloned the project too, and I’ll commit fixes and improvements (such as improving the Twitter plugin, and a new podcasting plugin) there as and when time allows.

I hope others pick up Storytlr and start contributing fixes and improvements too. I think it has the potential to be worth the effort.

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