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Posted by Stuart Herbert on January 31st, 2010 in Training.

Whilst everyone else was over at PHP Benelux 10 (which sounded like a great conference according to the Twitter feedback!), I was up in Morecambe, at the Technique|NorthWest training event organised by Northwest Vision and Media and run by The White Room. A huge thanks to Paul Collins for inviting me up at the last minute to run the PHP workshop on the Saturday, and I’d love to be involved in further events like this.

I had a great time at the event, and I was delighted to see how the North West of England is trying to build and support a digital economy, instead of simply leaving it to chance. If only South Wales had such an initiative!

Perhaps the most interesting thing I took from the weekend was the large disconnect between the people who attended and many of my friends on Twitter. If you listen to the Twitterarti, you’d think that Adobe Flash is a technology that has run its course and is now in terminal decline (mostly because the iPhone and iPad do not support it, plus Adobe not seen as exactly a bastion of innovation these days). And yet, by far the most popular workshop at Technique|NorthWest was the Flash workshop. To these people, Flash is not only still relevant, but in their industry it is still the only real option for delivering online advertising campaigns.

Food for thought.

PS: I also took some photos of Morecambe before the Saturday workshops started.

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