In my Beyond Frameworks talk, I explained how a component-based architecture can help answer some of the important (i.e. expensive!) questions you might face when creating long-lived apps that rely on a PHP framework. In this series of blog posts, I’m going to look at how to go about creating and working with components.

I’ve just put out ComponentManager version 1.1.3, with the following (hopefully useful) changes:

Bug Fixes For The php-library Skeleton

  • Any text docs in your component’s top-level folder (such as LICENSE.txt and will now be automatically picked up and added to your PEAR-compatible package as documentation to install.

How To Upgrade

To upgrade your installation, please do the following:

$ pear clear-cache
$ pear upgrade pear/pear
$ pear upgrade Gradwell/ComponentManager

Once the latest version of ComponentManager has been installed, you will need upgrade the skeletons of your existing components by doing:

$ cd <where-I-put-it>/<my-component>
$ phix php-library:upgrade .

This release has been tested on:

  • Ubuntu 10.10
  • Fedora 14

Any problems, let me know.

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A couple of weeks ago, I posted a call for requirements for a PEAR channel aggregator.

There’s already been a sizeable response so far, but if you haven’t had your say yet, please head on over and leave a comment soon.

I’ll write up a summary of the suggested requirements on Monday.

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