The Phix Project Has A New Home

Posted by Stuart Herbert on September 23rd, 2011 in Examples, phix, Toolbox.

Phix now has a new home, as I’ve recently left Gradwell. And a new PEAR channel. And an awesome new logo thanks to Jeremy and Kerry from Magma Digital. And a roadmap on Trello.

And, if you’re using either Ubuntu or Fedora as your dev desktop/laptop, a new one-line installer that takes care of those pesky system-level dependencies that the PEAR Installer can’t help you with 🙂

How To Move To The New PEAR Channel

If you have already installed an older version of Phix from, you’ll need to run the following commands in order to switch over to our new PEAR channel

$ sudo pear uninstall Gradwell/ComponentManager 
Gradwell/ComponentManagerPhpLibrary Gradwell/ComponentManagerPhpWebapp
Gradwell/ComponentManagerPhpDocbook Gradwell/ComponentManagerShared
Gradwell/ConsoleDisplayLib Gradwell/CommandLineLib
Gradwell/ValidationLib Gradwell/phix 
Gradwell/Autoloader Gradwell/ExtenderLib

Then, visit the installation instructions on Try out our new one-line installers for Ubuntu or Fedora. (Got a one-line installer for another platform? Fork the website on GitHub and send me a pull request 🙂

If all goes well, you should end up with phix-0.13 installed on your computer:

$ pear list -c phix | grep phix
phix                       0.13.2  stable
phix4componentdev          0.13.2  stable

If You Have Components That Depend On Phix’s Components …

… you’ll need to edit their package.xml files:

  • Swap any references to to
  • Check any <min> and <max> version numbers of any Phix components you depend on, as I’ve bumped all the version numbers.

All of Phix’s components now live in the Phix_Project namespace. You’ll need to update any classes that ‘use’ any of the Phix classes accordingly.

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