Coming to my Friday session Maintainable Applications In PHP Using Components at PHP NorthWest 2011 Conference? Great! I’m looking forward to meeting you.

And I have a little bit of prep work for you to do before the session, please 🙂

  1. This is a hands-on session, so make sure that you pack your laptop and its power supply!
  2. Please get your dev environment setup and working before you leave – in particular, make sure that you have the latest version of phix (current 0.13.2) installed.

    I’ve published installation instructions for:

    If your operating system of choice isn’t one of those, there are also manual installation instructions on the Phix Project’s website.

    There’ll be a few minutes at the start to help anyone having trouble with their development environment, (and I’m free all morning for anyone who needs longer) but because we only have about 3.5 hours to cover everything, anyone who turns up with a seriously fscked dev environment will be asked to pair-program for the rest of the session, sorry!

  3. Have a clear idea what you need to get out of our afternoon session together.
  4. Bring along a list of any questions you might have. Hopefully the session will cover most of these … the rest I’m sure we’ll cover in the bar afterwards!

I’m not expecting you to have read my series of blog posts about creating and maintaining packaged components of PHP code, but you will find the session easier to follow if you have.

Interested, but haven’t bought a ticket yet? Buy one now 🙂 In the US? I’ll be doing an all-day version of this session at ZendCon in mid-October together with Chris Hartjes.

Already using phix, and got ideas and suggestions to make it better? I’ll be around throughout the Saturday and Sunday of #phpnw11 (normally with my beloved Nikon at hand – that’s how to recognise me!), and I’d be delighted to get your feedback and discuss your ideas further.

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