The PHP North West User Group ran it’s 4th (and largest yet!) PHP conference – PHPNW11 in Manchester last weekend.

Once again there were three main tracks to the conference, a total of 15 speakers from both near and wide to choose from. New this year was the fourth track – the Unconference (perhaps lightning talks would be a better description tbh) organised by Elizabeth Naramore. Unfortunately, it was too dark in the Unconference to shoot handheld, but hopefully Rob Allen snagged some of the speakers from there during the day.

At times, I struggled in the main rooms too with the low light, so my apologies to those speakers I didn’t snag clean shots of this year.

These are my photos of all of the speakers from the main tracks on Saturday.

Keynote Speaker: Ian Barber

Unconference - Derick Rethans

Zend Framework 2 - State Of The Art : Enrico Zimuel

REST and HATEOAS - A Case Study : Ben Longden

Magic Behind the Numbers - Software Metrics In Practice : Sebastian Marek

PHP Tester's Toolbox : Sebastian Bergmann

Doctrine 2 : Juozas Kaziukenas

Derick’s talk on building extensions for PHP was so popular that there wasn’t room for me to get the door open far enough to snag a shot, sorry 🙁

Scaling Your Development Team : Scott MacVicar

Varnish Your PHP application, Make It Fly! : Alistair Stead

Deploying PHP Applications With Phing : Michiel Rook

Estimation or 'How To Dig Your Own Grave' : Rowan Merewood

Rowan’s talk deserves its own blog post and photo set, coming soon 🙂

A Practical Look At Symfony2 : Stefan Koopmanschap

Acceptance & Integration Testing Using Behat : Ben Waine

Are Your Tests Really Helping? : Laura Beth Denker

DocBlox: Your Source Matters : Mike van Riel

CLI, The Other SAPI : Thijs Feryn

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