The PHP North West User Group ran it’s 4th (and largest yet!) PHP conference – PHPNW11 in Manchester last weekend.

This year, many of the sponsors were here not to drum up new business, but to hire new talent, continuing a trend from PHPUK11 earlier in the year. Sponsoring a conference is cheaper than paying traditional recruiters, with no shortage of motivated attendees to talk to.

Community tech conferences like PHP North West simply could not happen without the funds raised from the organisations who sponsor each conference. This short set of photos is my way, as a conference speaker, of saying thank you to every organisation who sponsored this year’s PHPNW conference.

PHPNW11 Conference Sponsors: Namesco

PHPNW11 Conference Sponsors: O'Reilly

PHPNW11 Conference Sponsors: ibuildings

PHPNW11 Conference Sponsors List

PHPNW11 Conference Sponsors List

PHPNW11 Conference Sponsors List

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