Phix 0.15 Released

Posted by Stuart Herbert on January 31st, 2012 in phix.

Phix v0.15 is now available from

This release is dedicated to my Dad, Leslie Herbert, who passed away in December 2011 whilst I was recovering from surgery. He was always encouraging me to spend as much time as possible working on my own software, and I’m sure he’d be happy that his PC has become my new dev box for working on things like Phix.

What’s New In This Release

  • phploc support – the “phing code-review” command now also calculates the size of your component using phploc.
  • subset support – you can now do “phix php-library:init –subset=<role>[,<role> …]” to create components that only contain some of the different file types supported by the PEAR Installer. There’s also a “phix php-library:removeunusedroles” command if you want to strip unused roles from an existing component.
  • phpunit.xml.dist support – components now use phpunit.xml.dist by default, so that you can put your own phpunit.xml in place if you ever need to override the default settings.
  • src/ – we now drop a (hopefully helpful) README file inside the src/ folder to explain what goes where.
  • misc robustness improvements to build.xml files – I’ve made some small tweaks to the build.xml file to try and catch a few error conditions and display helpful messages.
  • internal debugging – “phix -d …” (which has been documented for several release now) enables internal debugging tests inside Phix and its components. It’s mostly there for me to use, but I thought I’d mention it in case you’re testing a patch for phix before sending it to me.

A big thanks to everyone who attended my workshop at PHPNW11 in October for their feedback and feature requests for this release.

How To Install

To install Phix, we have handy one-line install scripts on the Phix project homepage. And I’ve put together a screencast of how to install Phix on Ubuntu. It’s my first ever screencast, so please be gentle 🙂

How To Upgrade

To upgrade from an earlier release of Phix, please do the following:

sudo pear clear-cache
sudo pear upgrade phix/phix4componentdev

Once you’ve upgraded phix itself, don’t forget to go into each of your components, and run

phix php-library:upgrade .

to upgrade all of the skeleton files (build.xml et al) for your component.

What’s Coming In Phix 0.16

Windows support hasn’t happened yet, but I hopefully have a volunteer who is going to look into that during February.

My priority for phix-0.16 is to make it easy to build phix-based components in Jenkins, based on Sebastian’s Jenkins Template. I’m doing this next because I’m not sure how much I’ve got to change things to suit Jenkins, so I’d rather get it done sooner so it’s done and out of the way. (And I promise that I haven’t forgotten docblox support either …)

Our roadmap has all the details.

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