I’ve just published v1.4 of DataSift’s HubFlow Git extension. HubFlow is a branching strategy for Git and GitHub, based on Vincent Driessen’s original GitFlow model.

Changes In This Release

The main change in this release is that you now must merge your feature into the develop branch via a pull-request before using the git hf feature finish command. (You can override this behaviour, and get feature finish to do the merge for you, by using the -f flag).

The full changelog is available on our GitHub pages.

Upgrading From An Older Release

To upgrade to this release, please run:

sudo git hf upgrade

If that doesn’t work (because you’re on an older version of HubFlow that doesn’t have the upgrade command), please re-install:

git clone https://github.com/datasift/gitflow
cd gitflow
sudo ./install.sh

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