Storyplayer is DataSift’s test tool for functional and non-functional testing of software and services, built to test at the firehose scale. It sits nicely between PHPUnit for unit testing by developers, and Behat for acceptance testing by product managers.

Earlier this month, I spoke to a packed audience at the PHP London user group meetup about Storyplayer, a test tool that we’ve open-sourced here at DataSift.

Here are the slides from that talk, for everyone who hasn’t yet seen them via Twitter:

If you can’t see the embedded slides in this blog post, they’re available over on SlideShare.

Right now, I’m focused on completing the online documentation (which is very much a work in progress), and preparing v1.1.0 with further improvements.

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Phix 0.16.0 Released

Posted by Stuart Herbert on May 23rd, 2013 in phix.

Phix is a tool for creating and managing PHP components and tools and releasing them as PEAR packages.

I’ve pushed out Phix 0.16.0 this evening, with the following changes:

  • phing build-vendor now removes the component’s own code from the vendor/ folder. (We build the vendor/ folder using PEAR, which installs the component into the vendor/ folder … sigh)
  • An update to Phing changed the default behaviour of the <fileset> tag, breaking backwards-compatibility. I’ve updated our build.xml file to make the <fileset> tag revert back to its original behaviour.

To update your copy of Phix, please run:

pear upgrade phix/phix4componentdev

Any problems, please let me know.

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