Many Tai Chi schools put a page on their website describing the benefits of learning Tai Chi. These pages are aimed at potential students, and normally contain lengthy lists of ways that Tai Chi can improve your health. But, all too often, these lists aren’t qualified at all; they do not back up the claim with scientific evidence or testimony. They’re simply the word of the instructor(s) of the particular Tai Chi school.

It doesn’t mean that the claims are bogus, but it goes against one of the core teaching principles that Robert always hammers into me (into the nicest possible way!): I must teach only what I can evidence.

As I’m not a doctor myself, I’ve started searching the Internet for what other people are reporting about the benefits of taking up Tai Chi. I’m limiting myself specifically to reported medical studies, or first-hand testimony. You can find a list of the benefits so far on my new Benefits for Health page.

I have many more sites to add to this list, and a lot of detail to add as well. If you know of any additional studies or reports that are worth a mention, please let me know by leaving a comment below.