Where Do You Play?

Posted by Stuart Herbert on February 21st, 2010 in Benefits, Podcast, Your Practice.

This blog post was originally published as a podcast in June 2009. I’m slowly transcribing all of my podcasts, to share them with my readers who either cannot play podcasts on their computer, or who simply prefer reading instead of listening.

If you learn your T’ai Chi as part of a class, do you only ever practice indoors in a training hall, or do you go out and practice outside?

One of the great joys of this time of year for me (remember I recorded this in June before the record-busting winter snows beset us all!) is to watch my Beginners’ Class as it comes to an end make that transition to joining us on a Saturday morning practicing outdoors down at the Knapp out by the sea or, on wet days like today, down undercover in Whitmore Bay.

It is a completely different experience playing T’ai Chi outside, and a much better one, I think personally. And, the reaction of people who have made that transition is always very positive too. You’ve got the whooshing of the sea and the waves and you’re no longer constrained by four walls. It’s just you, the sun, sea, and the wind.

So if you’ve never tried playing T’ai Chi outside, please go and do so. I hope you’ll find it as much an enjoyable experience as we do.