Class Notes

Posted by Stuart Herbert on September 21st, 2009

Although oral transmission is the traditional way of teaching T’ai Chi Ch’uan, I prefer to give my students as many different teaching aids as possible to help them learn. I’ve taken the oral transmission, and captured it in multiple forms, and you can find them all from this one page.

To read the notes, you will need to install Adobe Acrobat first. (If you use a Mac or Linux, they come with a built-in PDF reader).

(The master copies of the notes are available in OpenOffice format. Just ask if you want a copy).

All of my class notes are released under a Creative Commons license (this one, to be exact). If you haven’t heard of Creative Commons, it’s a non-profit organisation that makes it easier for people to share the things they create. I’ve chosen a Creative Commons license to make sure that you are free to use these notes in any way that you choose, provided you share any changes you make, and that you acknowledge where you got the notes from in the first place.

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