Thanks to the generous whip-round of staff when I left Box UK last week, I’ve been able to order myself a camcorder for recording Tai Chi practice and (eventually) lessons. I can’t thank Benno, Dan, Judy and all of my former colleagues enough for this; it’s going to help me improve the daily lives of many, many people over the coming years.

After a lot of indecision, I’ve ordered the Canon HF-10 from It has two features that I hope will prove essential:

  • 30p mode (30 frames a second), which should look great on modern flat-screen TVs, and is a great frame rate for content created for the web
  • a microphone input, allowing to use Vincent’s boom mic’s if I want to record sound live

It’s a solid-state camcorder, recording to SDHC memory cards instead of tape or disk. No moving parts should mean a lot less chance of failure for a few years at least (my poor Sony handycam died the death of all moving parts last year). It’s high-def too, which is great for compatibility with my MacBook Pro.

The camera isn’t actually out yet; hopefully I’ll get it by the end of April, which gives me a few weeks to put some thought into what to do with it when it arrives 🙂

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